Truva Surface Mounted Cop

Product Code: U21TM0013

About Product

– Has modular system : 

It can be easily manufactured with different pattern sheets and plastic raw material variants from 2 stops to 15 stops. 

Can be stored in high quantities in stock.

– The quality level was increased both aesthetically and in terms of use with special covers in the connection places.

– By using stainless steel and polycarbonate materials in the main body, a robust and stylish appearance has been given to the impact resistance.


 Easy Surface Mounting 

– Ready installation options: Arcode – Mikel – Mikrolift 

– Comply with EN 81-20, EN 81-70 standards

– Emergency Lighting

– Display Options: 7 Segment – Dot – LCD – TFT

– Branding- Customer Logo- Cliche

– Various sheet and color options: mirror – satin / Yellow-Black-Copper-Bronze

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